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Civil War

     The American Civil War may be the single most significant event in our country‚Äôs history. More books have been written on that topic than any other subject in the world. However, few people know more than the very basic information required to pass from one grade to another. This is not a boring program about politics, battles, places or dates. It is an up-close, hands-on, look into the lives of the common soldiers and the people back home.

      Our History Programs are designed for small groups (clubs, civic leagues), medium groups (schools), or big groups (conventions) and can be adapted for outdoors as well as indoors.  In addition, with advanced notice, any program can be modified slightly to include a specific reference or item relating to a particular theme. Our three themes are listed below. Click on the button to see what programs are available in that theme.


      Pirates have been operating off the Virginia coast and even inside the Chesapeake Bay since the establishment of Jamestown.  Pirates frequently came ashore to loot local farms of livestock and valuables.  In April of 1700 there was a 5 hour  battle near Lynnhaven Inlet pitting the pirate ship La Paix against HMS Shoreham.  The infamous Blackbeard was known to prowl the waters near the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. Our romanticized idea of pirates come mostly from Hollywood. The life of the real pirates, however, was not like it is portrayed in the movies.

Living History That Comes to Your Location

Virginia Beach History

       Captain John Smith established the first permanent  English speaking colony in the New World at a place called Jamestown. Do you know that first he and his men came ashore very near where the Cape Henry lighthouse is now?  Do you know what local street is named for one of the sailors who was killed in a skirmish that day? How  much do you really know about Virginia Beach history?