Histories and Haunts, L.L.C.

National surveys indicate that 45% of all Americans believe in ghosts
or that the spirits of the dead can come back in certain places and situations;
14%  claim to have actually seen one.

Ghost Stories

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Paranormal for the Normal (Part 1)                                             

     What is a ghost? Why can some people see ghosts and others can’t? Are ghosts good or evil? So many questions, but so few definite answers. Learn about the beliefs, traditions, the “land of the dead”, and find out how people over the years have tried to prove the existence of an afterlife.

Program: Power Point
Audience: teen and adult
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $150

Paranormal for the Normal (Part 2)                                              
      Now that you understand the theories it’s time to learn how to do a basic ghost investigation. You’ll learn about the “tools of the trade” and how to prepare for an investigation. You’ll also pick up a few tips and techniques from veteran investigators.

Program: Power Point
Audience: teen and adult
Time: 1 hour
Cost $150

Ghosts of Virginia Beach                                            
      The modern beach resort has a remarkable history that goes back centuries and so do the stories of strange and unusual occurrences. As “the scaryteller”, Al will tell you of the eerie events that occurred when a Native American burial ground was disturbed by a construction crew, about the Witch of Pungo’s curse, and about the crying baby that was heard following a tragic shipwreck. There are other stories about pirates, millionaires, psychics, heroes and everyday people, all dead and gone (or at least, dead).

       Program: Storytelling                                       Program: Power Point
         Audience: all ages                                             Audience: all ages
          Time: 1 hour                                                      Time: 1 Hour
          Cost: $150                                                           Cost: $200

 Haunted Virginia Beach  is a perfect companion book; "In a collection of sixteen stories gleaned from newspapers and personal interviews, Chewning sheds an eerie light on the prosperous tourist hot spot that is welcoming by day, otherworldly by night."  

     There are stories of ghosts dating back to  biblical days. Why do we believe them? Could they be real? From history, interviews, research and personal experiences, Al has many "spirited" tales to tell.